Most Important gym bag essentials for women

Most Important gym bag essentials for women - LA Nation Activewear

Whether you’re on first name terms with the staff at the gym or are going for the first time, you need to make sure you’re prepared. Going to the gym can be a stressful experience, by attacking your next session with an organised gym bag, you can make it a whole lot easier!

Gym Clothes

Too obvious to be in this list? You’d be stunned at how many people arrive at the gym only to have to have to turn right around and go home.

For women, we recommend activewear made from high-quality fabrics. It’s key that your gym leggings and sports top feature moisture wicking tech and give you the stretch you need.

Without these features, you will become uncomfortable very quickly and your activewear will become heavy with sweat.

To get the most out of your workout, you need to make sure you’re comfortable in your clothing.

Water Bottle

Hydrate or dehydrate! Keeping your water levels topped up is crucial to maintaining normal bodily functions as you expend energy and lose water through sweating and breathing.

Water is so important to our health, especially when we’re exercising. It helps regulate our body temperature, allows us to work harder for longer, prevents muscle cramps and stops us feeling unwell after our workout.

Put simply, hydration is probably the most important thing on this list, so don’t forget your water bottle!


Now, we know that not everyone likes to shower at the gym, but depending on your schedule you may need to.

Freshening up before heading into work or returning from a lunchtime HIIT class is obviously very important. If you don’t, you may soon find yourself sitting alone in the office!

This is most certainly one we’d recommend checking before you set off for the gym and then again before you begin your workout – just in case. In the event that you do forget to bring a towel, your gym will most likely have a towel rental service for a small fee.

Headphones Music & Podcasts

Unless you’re working with a personal trainer or taking part in a class, you’re going to want something to listen to.

Sure, the music at the gym is ok, but we’ve all got our favourite playlists and podcasts.

It’s important then that you make sure your phone is charged, you’ve downloaded your best gym playlists and you don’t forget your headphones. Getting lost in an album or audiobook is a great way to take your mind off of your workout.

Sometimes, going into autopilot can make an hour pass by in an instant, thus making your gym session much more pleasant.


Everyone’s favourite, the snacks!

After a workout you need to refuel. You’ve worked hard, expended a lot of energy and burned a lot of calories. Now it’s time to replace them!

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking one gym session = six donuts though!

Make sure your post-workout snack is something packed with protein. All supermarkets have a wide variety of protein bars to choose from nowadays so there’s definitely something for everyone.

Smoothies and pieces of fruit are also great options to have on-hand in your bag for when you complete your workout.

Both are refreshing and provide lots of great nutritional value – exactly what you need after the gym.

Time to pack your gym bag

So there you have it – the ultimate gym bag essentials for women. These are useful for all levels of expertise and will help you feel better and more energised at the gym and directly after.

What do you normally take in your gym bag? Have we missed anything important? Let us know!