Why You Should Try This 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Why You Should Try This 30-Day Fitness Challenge

It seems as though there is currently a big surge in health and fitness challenges. Perhaps you’ve noticed them popping up all over your TikTok feed, like the 75 hard rules challenge. Often, when we attempt these challenges, we chuck ourselves right in the deep end, and before we know it, we’ve given up. Sometimes it’s about managing those expectations and finding the right challenge for you. One that comes with the right amount of balance while achieving the same success. This is where the 30 day fitness challenge is perfect!

As far as workout challenges go, you will find this fitness challenge to actually be somewhat addictive. Okay, maybe not like binge-watching your favourite TV series or tucking into that whole box of chocolates, but it’s still pretty close! This month workout plan is certainly hard work, but the results are absolutely worth it.

The 30 day challenge was designed by well-known personal trainer and Le Sweat founder Charlie Atkins. You will attempt each exercise for 20 minutes while following videos provided by the All/Out Studio app should you require them.

Adapt The 30 Day Challenge To Suit You

Probably one of the best things about this exercise challenge is that you can actually adapt and personalise it to find what best suits you. For example, if you have already tackled a few fitness challenges in the past, you may want to level up certain steps. You could do this by increasing the target number of reps or the amount of time spent per exercise. Atkins also suggests that if you aren't a newbie, maybe you lean into the dumbbell workouts and predominantly focus on increasing your weight as the target. However, if you are a beginner, maybe you should start with bodyweight workouts, ensuring you have perfected these exercises before looking towards the weighted workouts. Ultimately, the flexibility is therefore yours, as you should find yourself increasing your number of reps naturally as you progress through the days. This is a sign the plan is working, and you should notice higher energy levels and some muscle definition.

Plan Structure / Schedule

This is the part where you really have to remain determined and focused. The challenge stretches over a month, with this being five weeks. There are a few ways you can record this daily plan, but we recommend a calendar layout. A calendar is perhaps the best way to track your workout schedule, keeping note of what each day will look like and the goals you want to achieve each week. Obviously, there are a couple of non-negationable goals that you should look to achieve each time. For instance, always use good form in all workouts, increase your rep count in week two, and then for week three, we advise you to try a new type of cross-training. Move towards weighted workouts for week four, and then the last stretch is just to finish strong in week five.

Weekly Layout


Lower-Body Bodyweight Workout or Lower-Body Dumbbell Workout.


Upper-Body Bodyweight Workout or Upper-Body Dumbbell Workout.


Cross-Training (i.e. 10 minutes of walking then 10 minutes of cross climber).


Total-Body Bodyweight Workout or Total-Body Dumbbell Workout.


Bodyweight Abs Workout or Dumbbell Abs Workout.


Cross-Training (i.e. 5 minutes of walking mixed in with 15 minutes of running).


Rest Day.

Tips To Success

Hit Those Morning Workouts

Atkins’s number one tip is to ensure that you try to get into a routine of working out in the morning. States, "This is my number-one tip for people who struggle to find the time to workout". With the warm-ups included, the workouts total up to 20 minutes from start to finish, which you could easily fit into your morning routine.

Be Mindful of Weight

Like we stated at the beginning, it is really easy for us to immediately chuck ourselves into the deep end without knowing our limits. That is why it is important to find that fine line between pushing yourself and knowing your limit. Atkins recommends "when in doubt, go lighter". When you carry out your weighted workouts, you should be able to do the exercises with the correct form before increasing your weight.

Don’t Be Afraid To Get Creative With Cross-Training

It’s safe to say that most people aren’t the biggest fans of cross-training. If you are one of those people, then don't be afraid to get creative on the days you have that workout. For example, cross-training can be either cardio or mobility-based workouts. As long as you are moving, you’re achieving the exercise. Maybe take your run outside to view nature or hit a bike ride on the way to work. There really are no limits.

Keep Track Of Your Reps

By keeping a record of the reps you do per exercise and week, you will be able to track your progress very easily. As previously stated, you should notice that as the days progress, you’ll be able to do more reps as your energy has increased. This can be a great source of motivation and really push you towards your end goal.

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